Nikan aziz, here is what I can say about you as a piano teacher in a few lines. I could say much more of course, if you would give me more space


Nikan Milani has been our son’s piano teacher for about four years. We have been consistently amazed by Nikan’s competence both as a musician and as a piano teacher. He has a classical and methodic approach to teaching piano that provides his students with a solid fingers technique and a deep musical understanding. On the other hand, his empathy and emotional intelligence are truly unique. He can relate to children and bond with them like no other teacher can. As a result, our son has been thriving as a young pianist and having lots of fun playing rather difficult pieces!



I can honestly say that my lessons with Nikan are incredibly different from any of the lessons I’ve had with other teachers, and I mean that in the best way possible! For one, our lessons have a deep focus on  technique, which at times takes up much of the lesson. Technique  includes scales and the really nitty gritty exercises that get a pianist to his or her peak ability, and Nikan repeatedly drills me and my brother about the importance of technique for any serious pianist. Every lesson he pushes me to go farther and faster than I went before, all the while telling me both what I’m doing well and what I need to work on. There’s a good balance throughout the lesson between total understanding of the exercise’s or the piece’s difficulty and a firm insistance that I should push myself further, do better than I did before. That’s actually a really important part of the lessons to me; there’s plenty of encouragement and sometimes even sympathizing when a piece just seems too difficult, but Nikan never lets me do less than he knows I’m capable of. Nikan’s lessons are always a great learning experience – not only as we discuss ways to improve and expand on the pieces I’m playing, but also as we talk about the past of each composer, the specific era of music, and significance of the song itself. Often we’ll just enjoy a chat about anything and everything, because Nikan is also incredibly friendly and knows how to make me feel comfortable and at home during every lesson, whether or not I’m playing my best or my worst. I’ve really enjoyed working with Nikan, and I’m looking forwad to working with him in the future!!

A typical lesson from Nikan is a very fun lesson. We always start out with technique. With my other teachers, we just practiced a little bit of scales, but not with Nikan. Nikan is particularly fond of technique, and without technique, I wouldn’t be the piano player I am. I want to thank Nikan for teaching me this. Once you complete technique things, we move on to bigger pieces like Bach or Beethoven. We are always very focused, and if I make a mistake Nikan and I work together to find how we can fill in the gaps. In lessons, you don’t just play the pieces and then you leave. Nikan can also have some comedy inside of him. Often, Nikan will often crack a joke or teach you some fake Italian. Nikan also likes to teach you the history of piano music, the history of the piece you play, and what feeling you should show while playing the piece. This makes me more interested in the piece I am playing and gives me a better understanding. It makes me just want to go home and play piano for an hour. Nikan is what makes piano fun and entertaining.

Thank you so much Nikan!


We feel very fortunate to have Nikan Milani teaching our son piano.  Greer has made incredible progress in the two and a half years he has been studying with Mr. Milani.  His teaching is geared to Greer’s level of ability and he pushes him to excel.  Mr. Milani and my son have a very good rapport with each other and Greer loves having him for a teacher.”

Syrie Fried, Sudbury, MA